for today’s DIY i want to show you guys how to make snowflake panels like the ones in our new store displays! it’s actually really not as difficult as it looks, it just requires a lot of patience and good cutting skills :)


image via design sponge.

these panels immediately reminded me of a DIY i saw a while ago on design sponge – the only difference being the material.  our team actually made ours out of paper first, and then had them laser cut out of felt.


what you need: paper or felt or whatever material you want to use (this is a great way to re-use old scrap paper or junk mail!), scissors, and glue or tape!

start by making as many paper snowflakes as you desire, in varying sizes, patterns and shapes – because no two snowflakes are alike ;) if you’ve never made a paper snowflake before, check out this tutorial.






once you have a bunch of snowflakes, start gluing them together where they overlap, alternating shapes and sizes as you please.




i’m going to keep adding to mine over the next few weeks!

for best results, hang your panel in front of a window and enjoy the patterns the sun leaves on the floor :)

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fp jemma

very cute…

So cool, thanks for sharing, I will definitely
be making these for the holidays :-)


How cute!! Actually, I already saw this snowflake display at short hill mall in New Jersey. It was soooo pretty(*^^*)

totessss doing this! haha :)

Haha, It is the culture of China’s paper-cut. If you have time to travel to China, you will find many beautiflu this kind of culture.

Gorgeous work ladies!!!



AS SOON as i saw the store decorations I noticed the snowflake panels and decided to do this for my loft. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!

last year my friends and i had a paper snowflake party where we all make snow flakes and watched christmas movies and then threw the scrapes at each other. it was so much fun. most of thos snow flakes are still hanging from the ceiling.

Oh I LOVE the felt laser cut ones. The texture of the felt and the continuity of the fabric…. I can imagine all sorts of things/patterns silhouetted for different occasions or shows.

I am so excited to try this, the snowflkes are wonderful!!

Come enter my giveaway from Empress of the Eye! You will love the interview!


Art by Karena

I LOVE the felt laser cut ones.I am so excitedit was so much fun. most of thos snow flakes are still hanging from the ceiling.

thank you

your blog is wonderful.some interesting point that you mansion in your post it made me think keep it up.

What I would like to know looking at these images is how did you cover the seats. As we have the same ones but in brown (fake) leather and I would love to put a nice fabric on mine.


I love this so much. Where can I get mine laser cut into felt?