winter wonderland

our holiday displays are now up in our stores and they are so, so beautiful… like stepping into a magical forest dusted with snow,  where trees drip with crystals and shiny trinkets catch the moonlight and twinkle like stars…




from our display team:

this year’s holiday display was inspired by vintage snowy showgirl dresses mixed in with antique silver and icy blue trinkets. we have intricately cut snowflake curtains paired with sheer glittery booti print panels – inspired by actual indian booti prints. we wanted to balance the delicate dresses and panels with organic branches and rugged cardboard gift boxes.  then to add sparkle and pops of color, we added the neon melon crystal chains to hang in groups from the ceiling.

their inspiration:






and now here are the installed displays at our ardmore and king of prussia, pa stores! i actually drove by our ardmore store saturday night and it looked amazing with the twinkling lights in the dark.



dresses (3)


holiday 3

holiday 4


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13 years ago

oh lovely! where did the antique showgirl photographs come from?

13 years ago

I love these amazing pictures. The inspiration is so great and the finished product is awesome.

13 years ago

These look amazing! I just checked the website for some of those glittery dresses though and couldn’t find them. Will they be online soon?

candice #2
13 years ago

Oh yay, theres another candice as well! hehe

Sarah Sotirin
13 years ago

I really want to make one of those jeweled string chandeliers for my room! It is so funny how our KOP customers ask if the dresses on the wall are for sale! Though I am not surprised! I am dying to get my hands on the second one from the left! :D Display looks wonderful!

13 years ago


13 years ago

Wow! Those dresses! You MUST give one (or more!) away for a give away after the Holiday decor goes does :)

13 years ago

I would love to know how the sequin hangers were made! =)

13 years ago

ahhh! so disappointed…those sparkly dresses are AMAZING! i just searched the website for them.. should have read the comments! FP PLEASE MAKE SOME DRESSES LIKE THAT!

13 years ago

love these! I put together a few of the coral ribbon crystals, they look great up!

13 years ago

Yes, PLEASE make some dresses like that!! ;-) LOVE!!

13 years ago

i’m sorry….like does not do it justice….LOVEEEEEEEEE it!!!
sooo many good, creative touches! i neverrrr would have thought of wrapping a bike in christmas lights, but i gotta say, it’s suppper hott!! great job creative team :)

13 years ago

Are the dresses hanging on the walls of the store being sold (the white and silver ones)? I can’t find any of them on the website!

13 years ago

omg….love all the sparkle. those dresses are absolutely amazing!

13 years ago

wow those dresses are gorgeous

13 years ago

Oh wow! That main dress on the mannequin in the very first picture! That dress is so beautiful! IS that a Free People dress or no?

13 years ago

wow can you please tell me how i can get one of those dresses on the wall? You should bid them off!

13 years ago

I’m in love with those sequin, sparkly dresses! They remind me of some of the that dance costumes Jennifer Grey has been wearing on Dancing with the stars this season!

13 years ago

I’ve def. seen the ornament tree wall display done somewhere else. Is there a source?

13 years ago

hi everyone! the dresses are part of the display so they are not for sale on our website- HOWEVER a little birdie told me that we’ll be selling them when the displays come down and maybe, just maybe, we’ll give one away…..

13 years ago

I love the sparkly dresses! is the dress in the window free people??

13 years ago

All I want for Christmas is a FP store in Palm Beach Gardens!!!!

13 years ago

Great stuff…Now how’s about ,,,Widning the SIZE…EVEY ONE want’s to be FREE :)
YOU could Call It ‘FREE PEOPLE (on Vacation’ :):) !
BUY U online,+ in Stores….
‘Cause…I’M a FREE PEOPLE ! :)
Love the OLD pictures you posted…