anna emilia

these works by anna emilia are so sweet and appropriate for winter! and while i love the subject matter alone, what makes them even sweeter are the little stories she writes to accompany each work. the descriptions give the images a context that makes them seem even more special.

“winter is ending”

a bear cub has been awake for a while because something is tickling him. maybe it is the spring.

“snow house”

igloos can be built when the snow particulars look like stars. then they hold each others and form firm cubes.


“cone and bud dance for rain”

maybe the rain comes quicker to water bud and cone’s forest plants.


“rain fresh tea”

a rainy day to be spent indoors, making tea from fresh rain water sitting on warm carpets.


“brewing tent”

making tea is a delicate process. it needs warmth, fresh water and the right timing. today it is jasmine tea.


“forest tearoom”

a small tearoom is hiding in a corner of a forest. have a walk watching tall trees and get inside to have a cup of warmth.


“forest studio”

home to paint, write, drink tea, listen to music, read and sew. but mostly a home to paint.

check out her website here and her adorable blog here!

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Great moons of Neptune! Love it. Thanks for turning on to her art! Oh swell!

Raised By Wolves

Looks like the scene in the fairystory, love it.