free people december catalog

our december catalog was shot at the amangiri resort in utah by photographer chrissy piper, featuring models martha hunt and izzy marshall.  shades of brown and rust to highlight the earthy landscape with pops of turquoise, and delicate crochet and lace roughened up with biker boots and suede. the catalog was inspired by easy rider attitude and freedom of the open road and as i look through its pages i can’t help but hear the plucking of guitar strings and neil young’s voice…

“somewhere on a desert highway, she rides a harley davidson, her long blonde hair flyin’ in the wind, she’s been runnin’ half her life, the chrome and steel she rides, colliding with the very air she breathes…”








view the entire catalog online right here!


  1. by far my favorite catalog of the year! clothes, photography, and the spirit it evokes is simply wonderful <3

  2. I am a resident of Utah and seeing not only the familiar landscape in these photos, but also the beautiful clothing just made me so happy! The styling and photography is pure lovely!

  3. ahhh you guys should have checked out Bryce and Arches national park! The formations are really beautiful there :) you should google some pics.

  4. what a beautiful catalog! i want to live in these pictures, and all of the clothes! i really like all of the pieces this winter

  5. By far the best catalog of the year. The photography is just stunning- so emotional and the clothes look absolutely beautiful. Best!

  6. I have to agree with Audrey! Best catalog this year! There is something about this catalog that I haven’t seen in others-the styling, the photography, the models! It all comes together so perfectly. There is a “realness” that the photographer evoked from the models, like a real emotion. I feel like the three of them were just on a trip together with all these amazing clothes! I TRULY want every single outfit in this catalog, a first for me for sure!

    OH and one last thing! Do you sell copies of the cover photos from the catalogs? Is that something I should ask the photographer about? If so, who was the photographer for this shoot? I would love to have a copy of the girl on the motorcycle for my office!

  7. There were only two different models in this catalog right? What is the name of the brunette? She is gorgeous!

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