free people guide to NYC: part one

i am so excited to finally bring you the free people guide to new york city! you may remember a few weeks back, jemma and i went to new york to check out some spots we love and take pictures, and we’ve put together a guide of all of our favorite hotels, restaurants, hang-outs, shops and more. as you look through the guide, keep an eye out for the little red snowflake sticker, which indicates a place that’s great to go to during the holiday season!

there’s definitely a magical air in new york city around the holidays, and it would be the destination of choice for our candy girl who loves tradition and everything about the holidays – the decorations, the music, the smells and of course, the snow.

i will post the guide in three sections over the next few days but starting today you can find the entire thing on flickr – right here – where you can download the large size and print out your own copy of the fp guide to nyc!

first up, where to stay and where to eat!

(click on each image to see larger version in flickr)






stay tuned for part two, where to hang out and go to concerts!


  1. First I was so excited to see an NYC guide! I am there a lot and I love finding new places every time! I was also so excited to see Freeman’s made the list! A good friend took me here years ago when I went to visit. I’ve been back a couple times since then. It’s a great dinner destination in the fall/winter with all their yuummy meat/potato style dishes!

  2. I was recently in NYC as well and I know exactly the feeling you’re talking about. What a great place and awesome suggestions and pictures! I’m excited to see what you have in store for us in part 2!

    Raised By Wolves

  3. Over the summer I stayed at the Library Hotel and ate at a cafe called Penelope’s. They were so Free Peoplesque. I think they’d be perfect for anyone as obsessed with free people as me! :)

  4. I’m going to New York the February for Fashion Week. I’m so glad I now have some tips on where to stay and eat =D Thanks Free People!


  5. ah yay i’m so excited to check out some of these restuarants!! so happy you guys are doing a guide. oddly enough on my blog i just posted a little thing about NY as well, i recommended a yoga studio and the best place for chocolate cake :) love free people and love NYC <3

  6. My boyfriend lives about a couple blocks from Five Leaves and we go there a lot. The food is amazing, probably one of the best restaurants in that neighborhood :)

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