free people out west

when our team returned from shooting our december catalog with photos of the incredible western landscape, memories of my own road trip out west came flooding back.  utah, colorado, arizona and new mexico are home to some of the most beautiful land i’ve ever seen – national parks, forests, monuments, campgrounds, rivers, mountains and more.   i put together a little map of the four corners region and some of the amazing places you’ll find there.

this trip would be meadow’s holiday getaway of choice- taking off on a road trip with friends to explore the western landscape. camping at zion, swimming in lake powell and picking up turquoise jewelry and dream catchers at old road stops along the way.

click on each image to see a larger version in flickr, where you can download the entire map!












stay tuned for our next journey… across the atlantic in beautiful paris!


  1. this is so pretty. I love the way the journal is put together, with the captions and images. Very inspiring.
    Great job!

  2. Beautiful! You guys should really shoot a catalog with “non models” again, except with standard FP fans this time instead of bloggers! <3

  3. I love this post, I did the same trip back when I was little with my parents and it is such a trip down memory lane. The Southwest is truly breathtaking.

  4. I moved to Arizona 12 years ago and to me this is the most gorgeous land ever! The sun shines a bit different here- Thanks FP for sharing.:)

  5. AMAZING!!! thank you for providing such a detailed and informative description of your trip, I researched places like the Spiral Jetty and Petrified Forest after, thank you for making me want to go there :)

  6. LOVE this! I agree with the comment that the west is the best and we should also get a free people store! Like in Vegas! This next summer I plan on taking a trip through the west like this! Thanks so much for doing this! I’m looking forward to your Paris one!

  7. My mum, sisters, cousin and I took off on a road trip out west for three months. We visited all of those places and more! …It’s pure freedom

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