holiday downloads for you!

good morning! we have a new graphic design assistant and she made these adorable holiday downloads for the blog – the smaller one is iphone wallpaper and the larger one is for your computer desktop. but as our graphic designer suggested (and i agree) it would make such cute wrapping paper, don’t you think? just print some out and use it to wrap small gifts!

click on the images to go to our flickr page and download them. enjoy!

she made a really cute card too, i’ll post that next week :)

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you guys are adorable .. happy holidays xo

The special Free People Happy Holidays is already decorating my screen!


The first is a red X, but I do love that second one! :)

I love these! You guys have the greatest ideas. Thank for the downloads ♥


Do you have a download for Android? I would love this as my background on my phone too! :)


Too cute~ :)


I love this! So cute. I already use FP as my iPhone background though ( When you guys sent out your flash sale email. I <3 it