sorry for not posting the DIY yesterday!!

i may be a little late to the game but i just discovered the site craftgawker and spent a little too much time perusing page after page of crafty ideas – if you have not already heard of this site you have to check it out! these little felted acorns by lisa of lil fish studios caught my eye and i haven’t stopped thinking about them since. easy to make and just so adorable…i love projects where you can play around with color combinations and create different arrangements (a la andy goldsworthy). take a look at these and tell me you don’t feel inspired!



so cute! love the idea of using them on gifts this holiday season.

making the acorns is very simple, requiring just a few steps:

  1. collect a bunch of acorns and remove the caps.
  2. get wool for felting in various colors at your local craft store
  3. roll the wool into small balls, wet with hot water and add a little bit of soap. continue rolling the ball in your hands for about ten minutes, occasionally adding soap, until it is firm. mold into the shape of an acorn and glue into the cap using fabric glue or even krazy glue or guerilla glue.

for  the holidays add a little glitter for some extra sparkle :)

i explored lisa’s site a little bit and was also very inspired by her experimentation with natural dye:


pieces of felted wool, from left to right: nothing/undyed, dyed with carrots, dyed with parsley and dyed with pomegranate.


left – parsley dyed wool and thread; right – pomegranate dyed wool and thread


left – red cabbage dyed wool and thread; right – onion skin dyed wool and thread

such gorgeous colors. check out her blog here!

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ahhh! love it love it!!


Really cute idea! another idea would be to felt the little acorns yourself! all you need is wool and warm water and dish soap! you rub the wool in little pieces together until the fibers intertwine! you could even do multi-colored ones! :) –just another thought!

Extremely cute little little things. Adorable!


oh haha~ sorry julia! i didnt read the whole thing!


I am a display intern at Anthropologie, and we have made these for our displays for the holiday season! They are so cute and really easy to make!

These are so great! I really want to make some for my apartment. About how big of a piece of wool do you use to ball up?


These are adorable!!! I went to my local fabric store though and they didn’t have felted wool. =( where can I get sheets of the fabric to do this?!

Wow this is nice! Such a cute idea.


I have been making these for years. They are so easy and fun.


What kind of soap needs to be used? Thanks!