i’m sure some of you remember these adorable stockings we sold a few years back.  i’ve been kicking myself ever since for not buying one – so i finally decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own free people stocking inspired by the ones above!

i went over to a.c. moore during my lunch break in search of a stocking and embellishments.  they didn’t have the plain old red stockings i had in mind, but this knit one worked just as well. i also got some fake fur trim, ribbon, feathers, sequin trim, and some tassels and pom poms i didn’t end up using.



the only items i used from here at the office were a free people bag (which many of you may have!) and some strips of fabric from our display team.


the only other things you need for this project are scissors and fabric glue! your stocking might come out a little bit prettier if you sew things onto it but the glue worked just fine and was quicker :)


i started out by gluing the fur trim to the top and then worked my way down by adding different embellishments at random. it only took a little over an hour, and here’s the end result!


i’m really happy with it and it will look lovely hanging by my desk. now i want to make more!


if any of you are inspired to make your own stockings i would love to see photos! you can send them to :)

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11 years ago

I would love to give this a try… eventually. With all the hustle and bustle and crafting tht alredady exists during the holidays, well, I think FP should sell those adorable stockings every year!

11 years ago

These are adorable! My roommate and I just got through making some stocking just a few days ago and now I’m feeling inspired to make more after reading this post!

Rebecca McElheny
11 years ago

Thanks so much for posting….I have also kicked myself many times for not ordering these. I am definately going to make some of these!!! Thanks again….

11 years ago

I love it! Where can I find a cute knit stocking to start with like that!??

11 years ago

Special stocking! there can be put in many gifts.

11 years ago

Wow! I love how your stockings turned out.
Good job ! ;)

11 years ago

Whoa! We love how inventive & creative you made these! You did an awesome job :-)

Rachael & The A.C. Moore Team

11 years ago

I miss all the christmas accessories FP used to sell, like these stockings and all the ornaments… Guess I’ll have to try making my own new stocking, but right now I’m still trying to make some of those beaded trees like the displays from a few years back!

11 years ago

Absolutely adorable! Love the Christmas crafts. :)

boho diva
11 years ago

Such a cute idea!!!! I’m going to have to do the same!

xoxo, Boho Diva

11 years ago

Very Nice!! I like how you left the heel of the sock natural.

11 years ago

every year i am reminded of how upset i am that i didn’t purchase one of these, or one of the ornaments. i hope you guys will make these in the future!
p.s. doesn’t some of the office furniture in the other photos have the same upholstery as the furniture from a few years back? how i miss vintage fp!

11 years ago

ah this is awesome! thank you for the tutorial!! i admired the stockings FP sold.. i’d love to make my own for friends and fill them will pictures and a nice letter :) great project!

11 years ago

So Cool! I’ll have to try to make one now.

11 years ago

hey i love this its so cool but what bag did u use for the stocking? its a bright hot pink bag and i luv it and want it but i cant find it anywhere! or mayb theyr old and not on sale anymore email me plz iv been looking for one

7 years ago

I want to buy !!! Does anyone know where to go to buy stockings like this one? I too should have purchased years ago when I saw these fabulous stockings in the FP catalog!