at home with our graphic designer

lizzy janssen is an amazing artist, has great style, and is just an awesome person- so its no surprise that her home (in fishtown, philadelphia) is a reflection of all those things. lizzy describes it as somewhere in the early american, meets 1950’s housewife, meets mid-century modern neighborhood :) another fun fact – it was designed by our creative director, who lives here!

i’m completely in love with her place…the exposed brick, the spiral staircase, the amazing bathroom and her adorable cat arlo in the above picture (named after arlo guthrie).


most of the stuff lizzy has decorated her place with – the furniture, paintings and figurines – was found at thrift stores, garage sales, and sometimes even on the curb! her favorite thrift stores in philly are germantown thrift and three potato four, in manayunk.


here’s a quick little interview with lizzy, and check out more photos of her sweet place in the slideshow below!


you can check out another tour of lizzy’s home here!

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13 years ago

Love. love. love. her cat is adorable! biggest eyes on a cat ive seen! so cute!
side note: it is like a blizzard outside! im all snuggly with a cup of tea and a muffin though, so bring it on!

13 years ago

So NICE!!!

13 years ago


. . . Sorry, didn’t mean to take your head off. This is exactly the type of building I have always wanted to live in. Someday I’m going to. I especially love the loft and the winding staircase.

I’m so jealous right now.

Ladaisi Blog

13 years ago

Wow it’s like a dream! Love it there…she must be a lovely lady. I also love Free People…I am one of your “affiliate” bloggers :-) XOXO Haleigh your customer in Paris

13 years ago

i like it at home in the notion of our graphic designer | sincere People Clothing Boutique Blog now im your rss reader

13 years ago

I feel SO inspired right now to decorate my apartment!! It’s so nice, with the lighting and everything!

13 years ago

Kitty lover :)

13 years ago

love it! the open rooms are awesome!

xoxo,c.a ♥

13 years ago

My goodness this is the dream home! That split level looks incredible!

13 years ago

Love all the kitty inspiration :)

13 years ago

Ugh..I’m really, really getting tired of the boxy shirts and oversized dollman sleeves. I like a loose fit, but sometimes the clothes just look misshapen, irregular, and incredibly unflattering. FP clothes are gorgeous, but it can be dissapointing going to the store- it’s frustrating to see a really pretty, interesting, or intricate top that is overshadowed and ruined by being obnoxiously wide and short. When I spend a lot of money on a piece of clothing, I prefer it to be unique but still timeless and classic enough in its fit to make it something I’ll get good wear out of. Loose and casual is nice, but there’s nothing chic or effortless about an awkward, boxy shape.

13 years ago

Oops- I meant to write that comment on a different post (the one about oversized tops). Well now I feel silly. For the record, I think this home’s interior design is really pretty, smart, and cozy!

13 years ago

such a beautiful home!!


13 years ago

Being a graphic designer myself, and Loving ALL things old and vintage.. this post is not only inspiring but just a breathe of fresh air to see :). Sometimes I think that all people forget about the good things in life, like s local thrift store or estate sale… its where all the real treasures are found :)! Great post free people, i love you blog and only could dream to work for you some day.

Your Graphic Designer has a sick place ps!!!!

Lindsey Nichols

10 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing this! I have been looking up spiral staircase prices and was wondering where you got yours from? I am building a new house and I think that something similar in style would look really good!