california sun dried tomato breakfast sandwich

i first came across my breakfast blog when the author, maggie, posted a cute diy project using one of our catalogs.  when i checked out her blog, i was immediately drawn to her unique style of writing and quirky, likeable personality. and she happens to post some really yummy recipes that are right up my alley – organic, vegetarian, healthy and still delicious.

here is one of the recipes i came across on her blog recently that i’m dying to try.  i’m getting hungry just thinking about it:

california sun dried tomato breakfast sandwich


– multigrain gluten free bread

– raw sun dried tomato garlic sauce

– one large farm fresh egg

– one avocado

– sea salt and pepper


toast the bread and spread with raw sun dried tomato garlic sauce. cook one large farm fresh egg sunny side up in an infused garlic olive oil and dress with black pepper. slice avocado and add on as desired. sprinkle with sea salt and more pepper, and voila! breakfast :)

check out my breakfast blog here!

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13 years ago

Yummy!!!I can”t wait to try this! This is definitely a Cali breakfast! Thanks for sharing :)

13 years ago

That DOES look good. Gotta check out her blog, sounds fun!

13 years ago

You had me at “sunny side up”. I definately plan on making this!

13 years ago

I can eat this all day long ! I want to see more recipes ! AWESOME

Claire Anne
13 years ago

Yum!! I’m definitely trying this as well, thanks for the great recipe!

13 years ago

this looks so yummy!

13 years ago

I am bummed that I just read this, I just did my food shopping. Looks like I am heading back out! Can’t wait to try it. I have been looking for good, meat-free meals.