fan stories: kaleidoscope eye

next up is some artwork our reader taylor sent in- a loyal free people fan who reads the blog and comments regularly!  her work caught my eye a little while back when she posted a couple of drawings on our facebook page – i love the spirit that comes across in her drawings, she definitely seems like a free people girl!

(you may recall me posting this one once before… i love it!)


freepeople shoes 001


i also love these photos she sent in! beautiful :)

taylor field

taylor hand with flowers

thanks for sharing, taylor!

and thank you again to all who have submitted stories, artwork and photos! i love hearing from you so please keep them coming to :)

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13 years ago

ahhh yay!!

13 years ago

Hello! These are simply beautiful! I especially love the second to last photograph, and the first sketch.

– Lauren

Ladaisi Blog

13 years ago

yay Taylor!!!! Congratss (: thats just soo awesome.

-Tyler your bestest friend ever.

13 years ago

AHHHH! Taylor I’m so happy for you! You are an AMAZING artist, and really deserve this! Congrats girliee <3

13 years ago

Ah yes, the tipi drawing again.. I love it too!
I really like the star one too, and the photos are really pretty!
I used to draw and paint a lot, but then I got so busy with work and school… but now that I’m out of college, I think I’ll start drawing more. Thanks for the inspiration!

Photo fan
13 years ago

Hey Taylor…great art but who did the photos??? They are awesome!
Great photographer!!

13 years ago

hey guys- those are my photos(: taylor can vouch for mee <3
and thank you so much lauren!!

13 years ago

Lauren: thanks! haha the tepee one just keeps showing up lol! :) thanks!

13 years ago

These are amazing! So beautiful and creative.

13 years ago

i love the first one. i have seen it used a few times on here. it is so simple yet so cute and has such a a great feeling

13 years ago

Amazing picture . They remind me of my visit there .
We will never forget our memories and its nice to see that your picture keep my memories alive thankyou .

13 years ago

If Robert Frost’s ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ poem were a drawing instead, it would be Taylor’s ‘Whisper’.


13 years ago

aww! thank you Marci! :)

13 years ago

These drawings are truly amazing, in every sense. You have such a vision and I love the shoes especially! So proud of you Taylor, can’t wait to see more artwork, because it is so unique! And not to mention, you look gorgeous in those photos, you are one special girl!
-love <3

12 years ago

Truly amazing, I adore them all :) …Except I love kaleidoscope eye the most because of it’s intricate detail.