fan stories: on the fresh coast

today i want to share a couple more fan stories that have been sent in!

the first comes from amy, who sent in some photos from her blog on the fresh coast, which is titled after living along the great lakes her whole life and weekending near the wisconson glacial lakes, a common activity among people who live in her area.

i really love the photo of her bedroom, which she decorated with some driftwood wrapped in string, inspired by this photo i posted a little while back:

here’s her take on it:


it looks so cool! i might have to do this :) here are a couple more pretty photos that she sent me from her blog:



beautiful! thanks for sharing amy!

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13 years ago

really cool idea! :) i want to try this as soon as the snow is gone! otherwise, my sticks my be a little soggy ;)

Bev Wright
13 years ago

Definately using small dry sticks out of my wood pile and trying this
tonight!! Love this idea!! Kudos! ~

13 years ago

Love this idea!


13 years ago

They remind me of my Chesapeake Setters, some sweet pups.

12 years ago

Nice.. your article is very good. Not only was it helpful, it taught me some new things Just added this to my favorites Keep posting buddy :D