friday cuteness

one of our fp girls out on the west coast sent me these adorable photos that i had to share…

our so-cal DVM had a day at her daughter’s school called “occupation celebration” where she talked to the kids about her awesome job at FP  – she dressed up the girls like mannequins and chatted all about being a district visual manager – how cute?!

and this is claude, a new pup belonging to our visual manager on the west coast! above is claude as an itty bitty pup, and here is is on his first fp store visit, in santa monica:



this is just too much…i need a puppy!!!

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13 years ago

i love your feather hair accessory! where did you get it? fp?

13 years ago

what kind of puppy is he i mean breed wise?

FP Santa Monica
13 years ago

Our store manager made the feather earring as a Secret Santa gift!

13 years ago

Claude is too adorable! Aww… :) Thanks for showing us photos, and so many, of him!

13 years ago

what cute kids!


13 years ago


13 years ago

i love it! french bulldog puppy? that was my guess and those are my favorite. i just want to rub his belly and kiss his paws

13 years ago

Too freak’n cute. The kids and the pup. I love wee people!

13 years ago

I can’t with this puppy. I NEED a frenchie BAD! xx.

kim @ fptorrance
13 years ago

this post melts my heart! i love the mini fp models- so cute!!! claude just makes me swoon!

13 years ago

oh my god, i just died