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9 years ago

love the photos as usual! and that quote! so good.

9 years ago

love the quote and the picture. when i found your blogsite it was like looking in the mirror. i see so much of myself in the quotes and pictures that you post. it fills my heart with lightness and hope when i think i am not the only one who craves different loves and lives and doesnt need a bentley to get me there…if you know what i mean

9 years ago

Anais Nin has great quotes! Another of my favorites:
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”-Anais Nin

fp kathryn
9 years ago

@ JolieLaide I have been searching for that quote since we started Monday Quotes on the blog!! Thank you so much for posting it! It spawned the idea of inspiring Monday quotes. :)

9 years ago

Love this picture of Leslie of lefurcoat.blogspot.com. She is amazing I love her work and look!

9 years ago

^awkward comment that looks like i posted it. thanks for the promo though anon.

and also thanks for posting my photo on the blog :)

9 years ago

Woops, I guess I could say who I am leslie, however, that wouldn’t be as fun. :D