new year, new book!

i am very excited to announce our next book club read – just kids by patti smith! a couple of you recommended this book but it was literally yesterday during a conversation with our videographer that we chose it.   here is what she had to say about it…

i’d heard friends talking about patti’s book and how powerful/inspiring/mesmerizing it was…
coincidentally i got tickets to see her play in new york for the new year.
i’m not much of a reader anymore, but…
i started the book on sunday – after seeing her perform which was downright amazing – and stayed up til 1am tuesday to finish it.
i don’t even feel like i can conjure up words to say what she’s already said – though when i read the last page, i texted my good friend,
feeling compelled to say “good lord, there’s good work to be done.”
i haven’t been so moved by a book in maybe…ever.
you’ll want to throw away all of your fears and reservations and excuses and go for it –
it being whatever the heck you want your life to be.

ok sign me up! i can’t wait to start reading it.  i’ll give you all a week or so to get started and then i’ll start posting about it. in the meantime, here are some images of the impossibly cool patti smith.






  1. Just finished this book about two days ago… AMAZING! She is completely inspiring, and really encourages the reader to just be whoever they are and not what people or society expect them to be.

  2. She’s speaking the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in March, and a couple of us FP Boston girls are gonna go see her! Can’t wait!

  3. reading this currently also… really amazing, totally inspiring. ‘feeling compelled to say “good lord, there’s good work to be done”’ says it really well!

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