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so yesterday i was walking around the building taking random photos and saw our office coordinator wearing this adorable scarf as a turban.  i’ve seen people wear scarves like this before but i’ve never been able to figure out how to do it – luckily she was kind enough to show me!


if the scarf is square, start by folding it in half into a triangle shape.  this scarf was particularly large so she folded it over a little bit to make it smaller.


next drape the scarf over your head with straight edge at the back of your head and the triangle point hanging in front (it’s ok if it hangs over your face, you can fix that later).


take the ends in your hands and bring to the front as pictured, and make one knot at the front of the head:


wrap the remaining fabric back around your head and tie in a knot at the back:



tuck the knot and extra fabric underneath the turban, and do the same with the fabric hanging in the front.


voila! thanks for the tutorial, A.!

now i just need the loving leopard scarf so i can re-create this look:



  1. that’s so awesome! thanks for the tutorial. i too need the leopard scarf and i HAVE to have those lace pants! love the entire look!

  2. thanks julia. i’ve been looking for these kind of directions. very specific. the ones one youtube are not that great….can you do one similar to this on how to tie vintage bandanas showing the bow at the top. Not sure if i am explaining it well. if you can, it would be lovely

  3. hey guys- the scarf in the tutorial is from a thrift store, not sure about the red one (she’s currently out of the office)…will let you know!

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