office tattoo style

i know that tattoos aren’t for everyone, but i’ve always thought they are beautiful.  it’s a form of art and a way to express yourself that is completely unique from anyone else and very personal and meaningful. i love seeing other peoples’ tattoos and hearing the meaning behind them – its like being let in on a secret.  i sometimes think of my tattoos almost like scars- and i don’t mean that in a negative way.  they represent things that i have gone through, things that have left their mark on me – emotional scars, perhaps.

there are several people here in the office that have amazing tattoos and i thought i’d share a few.

chau’s beautiful tattoo is her own handwriting – she’s an amazing artist.

our graphic designer’s tattoos were done by a friend.


our videographer and one of her close friends got this matching tattoo.


my favorite of my tattoos… it came to me  in a dream, and the meaning is inspired by a song, but that’s all i will say :)


jemma’s tattoo is inspired by times spent bird watching with her dad.


this is so rad – it’s actually a map of all the places she and her best friend used to hang out.


and just one of our photographer’s many amazing tattoos.

how do you guys feel about tattoos? do you have one, or if you got one, what would you get?

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10 years ago

i have one of a burning lotus flower and ocean waves with the words “la vie boheme” under my homage for my love for artist/writers. i am a writer myself..the whole concept was “the artistic life is the enlightened life” got it after an amazing trip to a buddhist monastary….i think i want to get prism next…i really like your office style tats =)

10 years ago

the anchor and arrow are amazing
i have a tiny tattoo on my left-side ribs high up, three little leaves in fading shades of brown!

10 years ago

i have a tattoo that says “free” in red in my own handwriting. i got it after i had been in recovery from anorexia for a year. now that its there, i will truly never go back!

10 years ago

have a koi on my arm, my son nickname has always been fish . and a palm tree, flamigo, ocean – my mom was total beach bum. love tattoos!!!

10 years ago

I absolutely love tattoos, on myself and on others!

At the moment I have 2. I have “some sort of beautiful” on the inside of my left arm from the song “Cover Your Eyes” by Straylight Run. I also have “Love has the longest arms.” in the middle of my back and it’s from the book Charmed Thirds by Megan McCafferty.

10 years ago

I think tattoos are great and i think its wrong that certain people/ jobs discriminate against them.

10 years ago

I loooove all the FP girls tattoos :) the’re so quaint and delicate, almost quirky, and super pretty <3

10 years ago

as of now, i only have one but i plan on getting another as soon as finances allows! the one i have is a little anchor on my shoulder blade. i got that because some of my earliest memories are of my parents and i on our old sailboat. the tattoo i cant wait to get, is of one of the elephants in a painting of salvador dali…for all those new beginnings in life.

10 years ago

Love the Dove..~

10 years ago

thank you for doing this post!! i’m a fp employee in chicago and sometimes i get crazy looks from customers for being so covered in tattoos, but its the only life i know. not many girls at my store have very many, but its comforting to know that its okay. tattoos definitely aren’t everyone’s style, but they are most definitely part of mine.

10 years ago

i have one small tattoo on my right rib cage, but it’s always covered by my bra. Its the acronym OMNI which means all in latin and happen to be me and my siblings first letter of our names in chronological order: olivia,michael,nathaniel,isabella. My mom has the same one on her arm. I loveeee tattoos, i want more. they’re so beautiful

10 years ago

i agree…what’s a more beautiful way to express yourself than to artistically place something of meaning on your body?
i got my first tattoo on a whim, a month ago while visiting hawaii, of a nautical seashell behind my ear.
I am about to move from a small beach town in north carolina to new york city so with this shell, I will always be able to hear the waves no matter where my life leads me.

10 years ago

I love tatoos and think they are gorgeous but i unfortunately don’t have any. I have some piercings though. I just worry that i will not like it in a few years and it is soo permanent but maybe that just means i haven’t been inspired enough by something yet to dedicate that memorial to it. But i agree with your feelings on it in relation to scars. I actually like scars cause they all have a story to them weither funny, or sad.

10 years ago

i have a mountain range on my rib cage, representing the life the mountains and outdoors give me :)

10 years ago

i love ones that are thought out and personal. I have some of the bird illustrations from the book “Little Prince” behind my ear.

10 years ago

I am in love with tattoos. I love how a tattoo can be so meaningful and inspirational. I have a Koi fish on my left side that represents my growth in the years growing up in Japan.

10 years ago

I love small tattoos in unexpected places…I recently got a small outline of a wave below the crease in my elbow because I spend so much time in the ocean :)

10 years ago

i like small tattoos :) ones that are little symbols and stuff.

10 years ago

Lovely post, great tattoos!! I have a crescent moon with a rose on my ankle which is very meaningful to me… I absolutely adore it :).

10 years ago

i have 2 and they are both very meaningful to me. there is an anchor on my foot for my family. also i have my rib cage done with roses and i banner that says “treat me right” im sure you get the meaning of that one. i love them and always will.

10 years ago

I have four tattoos…and let me just say that they are addicting! :) I love tattoos, they really say a lot about a person. My newest tattoo is a half sleeve on my left arm. It is of a large butterfly resting on wildflowers. I have a tattoo in the middle of my shoulders of a mountain sunset with a stream running through a valley. I have a small tattoo on my right shoulder of a bandana design; the colors are orange, purple, and blue. My last and first tattoo is on my lower back, it is of a tiger lily. I cant wait to go and get more!

10 years ago

I love seeing other peoples tattoos. I have a dove for the acceptance I finally gave myself after a bout with an eating disorder. I also have a peony flower for my dog that passed away. I always loved flowers but they always made me sad because it was something that was so beautiful bit fleeting. My tattoos both have deep meaning for me and are big reminders to value myself and others. I love that it’s something that’s so simple but carry so much meaning to its owner. I love mine-it’s like they were always supposed to be there.

10 years ago

is your tattoo inspired by no line on the horizon?

10 years ago

I have two and am about to get my third. birds on the back of my right shoulder, my best friends name, who passed away in a car crash, on my left bicep, and hopefully soon i’ll have my amazing black and white, vintage mermaid on the left backside of my him :)

and i’m officially dying to know what song your tattoo is inspired by!

10 years ago

Tattoos are *not* for me. They may look nice now, but when your skin starts to wrinkle, or if you gain (bad) or lose (good) weight they may start to look silly. I can think of a million ways to express myself that don’t involve permanently altering my body in a manner which I can’t predict what it will look like in 10 years. (Suffice to say, I don’t have a single piercing either.)