Rider of the Storm

I’ve been obsessing over hats lately like crazy. I see so many cute pictures of girls wearing them with prairie dresses, rock T-shirts and polka dots. Whenever I throw on a hat I feel like a different person… like I’m in character… it’s kinda fun. It makes me feel like I need to be a performer for the day!! I think I need one in my life. There are so many adorable styles out there.

The look I’m chasing at the moment on the hat front is that naïve folksy look, the prairie look made accidentally cool. Mixing a hippie dress with a polka dot shirt, then either a bowler hat or fedora or if I just wanted an easy care free day – a vintage rock tee, dirty denims and yep topped off with any hat.

I gotten hat crazy this month but my life has been made easy with the great selection that is right here on our web.

The Hat Shop

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i really like the bottom right pic! i also really love FP’s Janis Wool Hat…

love the point about getting in character, so true! such a fabulous disguise… :)

I too finding attractive the right bottom one. Definitely looks should be perfect to wear such hat and the girl looks certainly suitable.

Btw nice collections.

Fp Jemma

Hey Guys the bottom two pics are from am lul’s blog if you haven’t already checked it out you should she has really great style.


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