shiela’s story

today’s fan story is from sheila from portland OR, a student and artist who sent in some of her recent work.  she wrote that she loves fiber art and is always inspired by the materials that free people uses, and has incorporated some tears from  fp catalogs into her work.








i love how personal her work is, some of it containing little sentences or phrases that are like a peek into her diary.  awesome stuff, thanks for sharing shiela! you can check out more of her work here.

and don’t forget to keep the stories coming to!

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13 years ago

Shiela, I love your work!

13 years ago

Beautiful work Shiela!

13 years ago

Beautiful, stunning, amazing, colorful, and inspiring! Wow.. thank you for sharing Shiela & Free People!

claire anne
13 years ago

Those are so beautiful thank you for sharing

13 years ago

SUCH beautiful, capturing work! I’m looking through her Flickr now and seriously, Sheila, I am without words! Really though provoking.

13 years ago

so cute! i love all of the colors she uses, and everything is soo detailed! ahhh im going crazy over this stuff. chances are i will be looking at this post at least five times! great work!

13 years ago

I love the feathers and Native american pictures. The colors are so vibrant and it looks as if it was styled for a Free People shoot. The hair, makeup are accessories are beautiful…

Steamboat Navetta
13 years ago

I go to school with Sheila, have watched her create some of these works, and have critiqued them. The top right image is literally the most beautiful drawing ever created by a single person, you can’t see from the picture, but it is large-scale and on transparent mylar. I am sad, because what you don’t get with the images is the explanations of the driving concepts, and her thought process while working on the pieces. Sheila is too good, buy her art, all of it, now!go!

13 years ago

her art work is truly magical.. what an inspiration!
thank you for sharing! loving your blog <3