snow city







winter strikes again… a little over a foot fell in the city and i went for a little walk this morning and took some photos before beginning the trek down to the navy yard.  i actually love the brief period of time after a large snowfall when everything is blanketed in white and the snow muffles the usual sounds of the city, creating a peaceful lull.  people even seem to say hi on the street more often, offering a warm smile of commiseration for others out shoveling or trudging through snow up to their knees.

but don’t get me wrong, i am more than ready for spring! enough of this nonsense :)


  1. there is just too much snow…i agree though, it is really pretty and its sunny out right now which makes everything glitter!

  2. i love the pics. i miss seasons. i am moving from west coast to east because i miss the seasons and i want some snow! it looks beautiful.

  3. It does look pretty amazing right after a snowfall.. everything’s all white and magical. But ohhh my back is so sore right now from digging out my car!

  4. My favorite snow is always the first snowfall of the season. Each time after that I like it less and less but only because my car is not at all meant for winter. However, without all this snow, anticipation for spring would not be half as fun!

  5. Beautiful photos and a beautifully worded discription of the bliss that snow can bring to a city. Makes me miss my days in New York City! …but you can’t beat the California sun… try and stay warm!

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