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i am so inspired by this story and artwork sent in from reader keely, from savannah, georgia.  a college student who paints on the side, she was inspired by one of our summer display bikes to create jewelry out of wood, hemp, floss thread, scrapbook paper, fabric and free people catalogs!

it was this bike – specifically the wheels – that sparked her inspiration:

and here’s a look at the jewelry she created:


here are some of her paintings, which she creates using mixed media such as fabric, paper, glitter and acrylic paint.  i love how colorful and cheerful they are:


Tee pee-N-feathers


Dream VW van

finally, i had to share this photo of her christmas tree, decorated with all DIY ornaments!


now that’s a free people tree if i ever saw one :)

check out more of her work here. thanks so much for sharing, keely!

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i love all of the pretty patterns.

Oh so beautiful! I love the bike – I bet it looks amazing in movement too. You can definitely see the Free People influence in this!

I also derive a lot of creative inspiration from Free People – the catalogs alone! I keep mine, actually. Pasted up in a massive scrapbook, see:

So. . . thank you.

– Lauren

Ladaisi Blog


AW! Keely, I LOVE your art, it is so pretty and fun! Looking at it made me smile :)


Thanks so much so posting this! This made my day. Im so inspired by Freepeople and I love that I inspired others!
Thanks for the encouraging words everyone :)
Happy 2011!

Oh, beauful arts! I love the jewelry and the colourful bike!

Soo cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Soo cute! Thanks for sharing :)
Boho Market

I love Keely’s artwork. The colours are so vivid. It makes me smile when I look at them.


So cool! Love it all. You are very talented.

Hey everyone so I finally created myself a blog! Im so excited because Ive been meaning to do it for a while. so heres a link
I would love you forever if you followed it :)
Thanks again everyone for the comments I love feedback it helps me grow as an artist. and FP your the BEST!!


You are so talented! I love that your style is consistent through your 2D and 3D work!


Wow, these are really cool! She is really talented! I would totally buy the jewelry and paintings and even the Christmas tree ornaments haha :)


i paint too!
and my tecnique is similar i would like to share :)

They are really beautiful pictures, now my country’s spring festival is coming, later, I will share some good pictures with you.