the 2011 calendar is here!

our graphic designers have made a new downloadable/printable calendar for 2011!

i can’t stop looking at it, they did such a beautiful job and have captured the mood of each month perfectly.

click here to go to our flickr page and download the large size – they made two versions, one for regular screens and one for wide screens :) enjoy and happy new year!


  1. i print and frame these each month for my office and work use – but this one has such small numbers on it that it will not be very functional ): but it is still very pretty (:

  2. Beautiful as always! I can’t wait to see these at the beginning of each month. I’m sorry if this has been addressed already, but why do the designers opt for such small resolutions? I always find myself wishing there were a larger size available to take up more of my desktop without losing quality.

  3. hi! are you going to flickr and downloading the large size? i have the large size on my desktop right now and its perfect. they also made a widescreen version.

  4. I love, love, love this! I’m going to use them every month of 2011 as my desktop background. This seriously couldn’t have come at a better time, was just changing my desktop background today and thinking I had nothing fun to put on it. Ah, you save me again FP! The FP blog, or BLDG 25 is a definite favorite of mine! Smooches! <3

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