thursday poll – edition 127

our january catalog has some gorgeous new items from our fp-1 line – a couple of my favorites in the book, actually.  which one of these fp-1 beauties do you guys love most?

the around town shirt dress:

the wisteria and lattice dress:

the floral fields wideleg pant:
floral fields wideleg pant

the sunburst maxi dress:
sunburst maxi

or the spot swirl maxi skirt:
spot swirl maxi

and here are your results from last week!


  1. I love all the clothes and that swimsuit! These models are gorgeous, but could we see a few with some meat on their bones?! I’m a size 2 or 4 and I still feel like I would look so horribly fat in these because compared to all of your models I am!

  2. i loooove the leather jacket that is paired with the sunburst maxi dress. i bought a very similar looking linen hooded moto style off-white jacket from FP a few years ago and i LOVE it but i totally wore it out because it can literally be work with ANYTHING. You guys should bring it back!

  3. sad, according to the poll i’m one of the few IN LOVE with the floral fields wide leg pants! I’m obsessed, i got the previous version – but i really like these better and am DEF going to get them as soon as they hit our store!

    FP Hollywood

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