saw these adorable little fabric-embellished moleskine journals over on honestly…wtf and they’ve been hanging around in the back of my mind ever since! any crafts that involve taking a simple everyday object and personalizing it are always appealing to me – plus i am one of those people who does not go anywhere without a journal to jot down notes, song lyrics, doodles, and yes, even blog ideas. i love the little moleskines because they’re nice and small and can fit in any bag, or in my pocket.

what you need:
moleskine journal of whatever size you desire, fabric, scissors, a needle and thread.

i’m going to go off on a tangent for a moment and say that one of my favorite place in our building is our visual display team’s workroom.  they have everything you could possibly ever need for crafting! and yes i know how lucky i am that they lend me supplies for some of my projects :)





these beautiful scraps of fabric are from antique quilts our team finds in india… you may recognize them from many of our store displays! it’s nearly impossible to pick one because they’re all so special but the rich cerulean blue of one really stuck out to me.



cut the fabric to your desired shape.  honestly…wtf recommends gluing the fabric to the journal first so it doesn’t move around, and then sewing with a sewing machine.  while that would be much easier, i did it by hand, without any glue, and it worked just fine – and here’s my cute little journal!


i have a feeling this is going to become a regular thing now…

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12 years ago

I have been wanting to do this! :D

12 years ago

ohh love this… and on a side note, when is the january catalog coming out?? cant wait!:) and loooove the cutesy girl singing below!!

12 years ago

Hi! where did you buy the quilts!? did you find them online or in India? i would love one for my room! any information would be greatly appreciated!

12 years ago

Not a fan of the moleskin: I’ve been hearing that a lot lately and I hope it means more of the type of notebook than the actual product. I love the idea of adding personality to a journal, though!

12 years ago

That craft room looks like a dream! I would just die if I got to go in there and actually use the supplies. And those quilts! I would love to use one of those for the DIY project I posted on my blog today. The fabric journals look great!

12 years ago

OH, it’s amzing, i want to study this, but I’m too stupid to do it.

12 years ago

This is the perfect way to punch up the sketch book I carry with me. Thanks! Can’t wait to do this!

12 years ago

Great Idea, love the quilt pieces. I just saw some moleskin notebooks in the store and thought, How plain. but this makes them beautiful.

12 years ago

i love it. a great way to take something simple and turn it into something wonderful and unique. i also carry a journal everywhere i go and now i just may have to spice mine up a little bit more.

12 years ago

LOVE this idea! I’m a Moleskine freak who carries one around always, I’ve got a planner…extra little notebooks…larger thinner notebooks. You name it. Personalizing this way totally beats putting stickers on!!

12 years ago

Great idea!! But the key at this time is where can I get those quilts.

12 years ago

This is such a cute easy idea!

12 years ago

You can get the quilts in Jaipur, India (in Rajasthan) I believe. theyre really traditional quilts made by women there so thats the BEST place to get them. however I’m sure you could find them somewhere in the states that people bring back but at a much higher price

11 years ago

I started making these (8 to be exact) after I stumbled upon honestly…wtf and on the website it says to only use the brown cardboard moleskines. I was wondering if what you used was a black cardboard moleskine or a leather moleskine. I just bought a moleskine planner and I’m so tempted to sew on it but I’m not sure if it will work with the leather. XO

9 years ago

This is really amazing, they look sooo awesome!