i’m starting to think i have a strange obsession with sticks, driftwood, tree branches… i guess i just really like the idea of incorporating bits of nature into the home. regardless, i spotted this diy the other day and can’t get over it.

you all have probably seen this image before of beautifully painted driftwood by ginette lapalme… i’ve posted it before.  this was the inspiration for the diy project on the blog semi jewels, which takes a piece of driftwood and turns it into a rad key holder:





i’m in love. check out the full tutorial here.

now does anyone know where i can find some good driftwood in the philly area?!?

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12 years ago

this is brilliant! love it thanks for sharing :)

12 years ago

This is fabulous! Love it! I’m adding that driftwood key-hanger to my mental bank of crafting ideas. Would double as an awesome necklace/accessory hanger. I’ve got the same dilemma about the driftwood though, I live in Stockholm – and it’s the middle of the winter! Maybe branches will do..?

12 years ago

I did the stick DIY with the string the other day and added hooks to it for my jewelry. Such a cute idea! I absolutely love the crafts you add the to the blog.

12 years ago

wow! i love this!!! such a great idea …i also love incorporating bits of nature into my home but sometimes i end up accumulating things without any real purpose.but this is perfect!! thank u!

12 years ago

I now have something to do with all of these unique pieces of wood I’ve found on my hikes. Thank you!

12 years ago

omg!!!! i’m in love with this diy! amazing idea..

12 years ago

i did this a while back. i might have to turn it into a keey holder :)

12 years ago

This is awesome!

12 years ago

What a great idea!

12 years ago

Wow..this is so cool! I am definately going to try this one out. Do you have any DIY picture frame ideas? I’d love to check those out too!

12 years ago

Great idea! I’m going to try this over the weekend. You could also use a bigger piece of wood and hang mugs on it in the kitchen!

12 years ago

it looks like something I make. I have a shop in nature products. Look at (It’s not nearly done yet…

12 years ago

I just saw that you posted this. Thank you so much! Blog LOVE!

12 years ago

that’s too crazy i thought i was the only one with this obsession for twigs & tree branches (rocks too!!)!!!! we’ve lived in so many states NY, Seattle, Cali, Arizona, Mass- & i have accumulated branches & rocks from the west to the east coast!!!! they’r all waiting for me to actually bring to fruition all my crafting dreams over these years!!! now i have this obsession with these branches from our “backyard” (we live in a small complex with wetlands for a backyard)- that look like weathered driftwood!!! thanks for the great ideas!!

10 years ago

in the Philly area to find Driftwood just go to the nearest Pond or Stream