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13 years ago

These are gorgeous! I especially love the one with the loose braid, where her head is turned and you can see the snow in her hair.

Ladaisi Blog: Flower Child Post Cards

13 years ago

Heard you guys across the pond got caught in a blizzard lately. Over here (Kent, England) we got hit just before Christmas. Absolutely beautiful as you can imagine but the nation ground to a halt! Check out the latest (snowy) vid on my blog, by film-maker Todd Bieber. He certainly found a diamond in the rough! http://lalakamasimba.blogspot.com/

13 years ago

Great winter clothing. I love those jackets.

13 years ago

Fantastic shots! Great clothes put together…”BOOTS FOREVER”!!!!
All year round!!

13 years ago

AHHHH haha thats my picture!! the one of the bag in the snow!!!! i cant believe it!!