A big love for bass shoes

We have fallen head over heels in love with Bass shoes. That 50’s jive look is growing on us in a big way.

Bass has collaborated with Rachel Antonoff to design a collection of sweet/masculine looking shoes.  I think these shoes are perfect for spring; add them to your cute dresses or make your jeans a little more interesting.

What I like about Bass is the quality leather and thorough workmanship; you know you’re invested in a pair of shoes that will last a lifetime.

I think they are endearing, and I love how they have been styled on Tennessee from The Like.

We’d like to know, are penny loafers your thing?

James Dean made them ‘cool’ in the 50’s after he was seen rocking around in them but we love to know how you fp girls would wear them?


rachel antonoff11

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Ali Marie
10 years ago

I am seriously digging the black and white ones with the bow! Will freepeople.com feature anymore besides the floral ones?

10 years ago

They’re so cute and affordable! I don’t know if I could pull off the penny loafers but I love some of the other styles.

boho diva
10 years ago

I want the red and white ones for Valentine’s Day! How cute!!!


10 years ago

I got a pair for 6 bucks at a thrift shop, brand new and i LOOOVE them :)

kelly brett
10 years ago

LOVING those sadleshoes…reminds me of the good old days in Philadelphia Catholic school. I will rock those on the west coast now for sure! stoked!

10 years ago

We used to wear these with our high school uniforms! I love them, and I still have mine from 12th grade :-)

10 years ago

no no no.

10 years ago

Love bass shoes, I owned my first pair in 3rd grade when I
Lived in Venezuela. I was inspired by my dad’s style. I wore them with my private school uniform for years after. I love Rachel’s spin on the classic brand.

10 years ago

Love the style of Bass shoes! It’s just my type! I don’t own a pair unfortunately, but I will soon! And yes I do think penny loafers would be cute!

Those are really nice shoes. I wondering to buy its. I want the red and white for Valentine’s Day!