at home with a visual display artist

today i have a special tour for you of the home of one of our visual display artists who lives out in california! she actually used to work here in the home office, but relocated to the west coast to work on displays for our stores in the western region. she’s very talented and the epitome of a free people girl, as you’ll see in the photos of her home and personal style.

i’m already jealous.

you can see that she has been hard at work – on our spring store displays!



i love the record player, and the requisite chewbacca mask – we have a bunch of them floating around home office :)


she told me that her grandmothers have been huge influences on her life. the photo at top left is her grandma ella, about whom she says, “she died when i was young, but i resemble her most and admire her work ethic and grace. she raised my dad and he raised me to explore and travel. he took me on trips across the country when i was young and as an adult. that father, daughter time has been so rewarding to me as an adult. we have been on a lot of adventures as a family!”

the most important thing in her home is the “wall of objects” at bottom right. she’s pointing to a photo of her grandmother joan, about whom she says “she taught me how to sew, crochet, knit, and cross stich. i spent a lot of time crafting with her. she and my mother taught me how to be creative in everything i do throughout the day. the two of these ladies have been very inspiring!” she also collected giraffe figurines, and the ones at bottom left were the first ones in her collection.

check out the slideshow for lots more photos of her lovely home!


display work


personal style


her dog (right) meets claude (left).


thanks so much for letting us peek inside your home! and thank you to claude’s mama for taking the pics :)

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13 years ago

omg i love her rug! where does one find it?

13 years ago

i want an orange tree…

13 years ago

I love Hilary!!!

13 years ago

how are you so hot?

13 years ago

What major in college would you need to be a visual display artist? I’ve always wanted to do it for a career, but I’m going to college soon and wondering what major would that fall under.

13 years ago

I love your blog. (i use your pic on my tumblr) I was just wonder what different jobs you have there in bulding 25 and what major you need to have. Thanks

Enid Kypragoras
13 years ago

I spy Franzen’s ‘Freedom’ in your stack of reads : )

13 years ago

Those dog photos never fail to make me melt inside! Gorgeous home and I cannot wait to see the wonderful Spring displays!

Her mother
13 years ago

Thank you for featuring Hilary on the blog! She is a talented young woman indeed and I am so proud of her accomplishments. Through your lens, I am able to enjoy seeing her in her element, at work and at home. I do love this girl!

13 years ago

OMG How do I get that job!

13 years ago

Hilary is such a humble woman. I think it is such a great thing to feature her on the Blog. She is such a talented lady. I’m lucky that i get to witness it every day.

9 years ago

Nietuzinkowe spojrzenie na rzecz, każdy powinien przeczytać również
zaznajomić się z przedmiotem.