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i could spend hours wandering around our building checking out peoples’ desks… each one is like a window into who that person is – what they love and choose to surround themselves with and the things that inspire them when they’re creating.  here are just a few of the amazing desk spaces from around the office…














  1. Great idea for a post, so much fun looking at these photos and studying all the little details! The desk spaces all look so cosy.

  2. i am amazed that almost every one of these desks has a plastic water bottle on it and or a to-go coffee cup. these are just snap shots of one day and I can only imagine this is a daily habit. this shows me an extreme lack of awareness for free people chics who represent living a hippie lifestyle. wake up free people girls and get reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, seriously. where to you think they all go every day?

  3. hi anonymous! we in no way claim to represent a hippie lifestyle. that being said, a lot of us do have paper cups on our desks, because we use them to hold things- i have one that’s full of thumb tacks and one full of beads from an art project. a lot of people bring bottled water because they choose not to drink the tap water at the office, but we recycle everything here. thanks for your concern!

  4. A few points in response to Anonymous:
    1) Not all hippies are concerned about the environment, and not all environmentalists are hippies.
    2) Free People doesn’t market itself as an environmentally friendly brand. It sells upscale hippie-inspired clothing.
    3) There are more ways to be environmentally friendly than just using a Klean Kanteen. Like by buying used items, and limiting your purchases to what’s really necessary. Hop off that treadmill of consumption!

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