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10 years ago

so fun! :D i love rearranging my desk @ home :) i also love changing my backgrounds frequently!

10 years ago

I spy James Franco!!! Yum ;)

10 years ago

Great idea for a post, so much fun looking at these photos and studying all the little details! The desk spaces all look so cosy.

10 years ago

endless inspiration boards!

love, live & wear

xo, L

10 years ago

Wow, love all the color and creativity at each desk!

10 years ago

That was a really cool post!


10 years ago

Amazing, so inspiring! Love the mini Eiffel-tower.

Check out my blog for 3 reasons why all you girls should love the UK right now.. http://lalakamasimba.blogspot.com/

10 years ago

i am amazed that almost every one of these desks has a plastic water bottle on it and or a to-go coffee cup. these are just snap shots of one day and I can only imagine this is a daily habit. this shows me an extreme lack of awareness for free people chics who represent living a hippie lifestyle. wake up free people girls and get reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, seriously. where to you think they all go every day? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se12y9hSOM0&feature=related

10 years ago

i love the desk with the james franco pictures <3

9 years ago

A few points in response to Anonymous:
1) Not all hippies are concerned about the environment, and not all environmentalists are hippies.
2) Free People doesn’t market itself as an environmentally friendly brand. It sells upscale hippie-inspired clothing.
3) There are more ways to be environmentally friendly than just using a Klean Kanteen. Like by buying used items, and limiting your purchases to what’s really necessary. Hop off that treadmill of consumption! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GorqroigqM