dome homes

for the meadow portion of our february catalog, featuring the lovely noot seear, our team shot at the home of artist melanie rothschild, an incredible geodesic dome located in topanga canyon, ca. geodesic domes are enclosed spherical – or partially spherical – structures that are based on a network of intersecting circles that create a pattern of triangles – the most famous example is disney’s epcot center.

geodesic domes became increasingly common in the 60s and 70s, popular for their energy efficiency and unique, eco-friendly style, but since then have waned as they aren’t very practical. they’re still fascinating though and these images from around the web are making me wish i lived in one buried in a forest strung with lots of christmas lights and full of shag carpets and oversized pillows.








  1. these were invented by buckminster fuller, who had amazing, forward-thinking ideas about sustainability, urban crowding, and eco-preservation. he used these structures because triangles are the cheapest, strongest, most versatile shape to build with–not like the rectangles we mostly see today.

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