fp greenwich style

check out fp girls taylor and haley of our greenwich store, rocking outfits they styled with some of our new items!

left: cropped bib tee, fp cargos, convertible traveler’s bag; right: shadow maxi cardi, eyelet dress, fp bra.

left: first bloom maxi dress, cropped trench coat, ombre braided belt; right: windows on the world top, printed wideleg pant.

window on the world top, into your heart tank, printed chiffon maxi skirt.

left: rugby tunic, eyelet scalloped short, chantilly trim sock; right: rugby tunic, macaroni dress

left: floral fields wideleg pant, fine gauge top, sinclair sunglasses; right:snappy florals buttondown, polka dot short, tyler cinched hat.

left: bow back cardi, seamless cap sleeve, lacey pedals layering skort; right: floral fields wideleg pant, fine gauge top, sinclair sunglasses.

looks like they had a blast, and they look lovely :)

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10 years ago

i decided today that i wanted to buy the lace maxi slip, but cannot find it online anymore! please tell me fp still sells them!! theres a store by me here in long island, but they dont have it either. could i go buy it at the store in roosevelt fields & have fp ship it to me since there are none in stock? :(

10 years ago

very cute. unfortunately, it is still WAYYYY too cold for any of those lovely outfits :(


10 years ago

the buzz was true… the wide leg floral pants are to die for. please believe i will own a pair by the end of this weekend! the fp team does such a great job of actually wearing the clothes in these posts, outfits on the models are great but it is so inspirational to see “real” people rockin the duds too.


10 years ago

as the lead singer of a led zeppelin tribute band…… i need those WIDE LEG FLORAL PANTS ASAP hahahaha seriously they look killer

10 years ago

i used to work at the greenwich store 2 years ago..miss being in that store!!

10 years ago

Yep have to have the wide legs…and I still need some
over the knee socks!! Why aren’t there any more??????
Hats are great! Nice shots here…would you like a free
photographer..”free people” LOL… very Paris..

10 years ago

Wow….yes, the wide leg pants, the gauge top, and the sinclair glasses (plus a cute crossbody bag?)…absolute best look ever!! Definitely want.

10 years ago

i LOVE those moccasin booties in the first and last pictures. they would really tie together a lot of my outfits. i need to buy them