march calendar!

monday’s can be a little rough so i thought i’d try to make it a little better by giving you the march calendar a day early :)

i love march…those first few days when you realize a light jacket is enough, the trees begin to come alive again and the air isn’t quite so bitter, you leave work and it’s still light outside…it’s the best feeling. i am very much anti-winter but it’s worth suffering through just for the sweet feeling when spring thaws the earth.

i think our graphic designers captured that feeling perfectly with the march calendar… click here to go to our flickr page, where you have the choice of downloading either the regular or widescreen version.


  1. Thanks again! I particularly like this one.
    We have a sheet of ice on the ground, and it is raw and Grey outside.
    It would be so nice if it would just magically go bing! Spring!

  2. Just recently came across your blog, and I’ve got to tell your material is so diverse and rich. Gives this design student some much needed inspiration, especially on Mondays!

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