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We thought we would try something new on our blog today. I went to see ‘Somewhere’ the other month and wanted to share a short review with you. ‘Somewhere’ is Sofia Coppola’s fourth run movie starring Stephen Dorff who plays Johnny Marco – a movie star living in limbo at the very fashionable Chateau Marmont and Elle Fanning who plays Cleo – the mature daughter of an adolescent movie star. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Elle. Her presence was captivating; her fresh look reminded me of typical Marc Jacobs advert.

I had mixed feelings about this film; I can say I didn’t enjoy it as much as her previous ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘Virgin Suicides’. However the high end hotel, the guy in limbo, the cusp on recovery and the tenderness between two unlikely characters are all familiar feelings that were provoked in Lost in Translation. The difference is that this film is about Hollywood – the place and the ideal, there’s a hint of the sinister side of celebrity land that was a bit hard hitting. A typical lost movie star wanting a way out… bored of the ideal and the materialistic lifestyle that Hollywood offers.

I get comforted by the quietness and the moody feelings that dominant Sofia’s work. She has a great talent with letting you experience a picture through silence.

If you haven’t already seen it yet, you should. Rising star Elle Fanning sure is a one to watch!

As the subtitle suggests the film evokes the thought “sometimes you just need a good reason to grow up”



  1. i haven’t seen “somewhere”, but i’ve seen the rest of Sofia’s movies and to my disappointment they always felt empty. YES, very beautiful visually, great choice of music, overall creating a beautiful surreal mood, BUT her characters are empty and her stories lack depth.

  2. I am all about slice of life flims but this was sleazy rather than insightful. It was nice to see the maturity coming from the female role (and a child at that), props to Sofia for that one. The rest of the female characters on the other hand…bah!

  3. I have the same dress that Elle is wearing in the bottom left picture – my sister bought it for me two summers ago from Urban Outfitters! I freaked out the first time I saw the trailer haha

  4. I’ve been wanting to see this for months now, I had no idea it came out
    already. Love Dakota, but I’ve never seen any of Elle’s movies

  5. As much as its great visually, its quiet a bore. I must admit that there are under lying themes that forces you to think.. but the problem I have with this particular film is that it doesn’t hold your attention long enough for you to discover such.
    Worst of her films thus far. “Virgin Suicides” was amazing.

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