office style

everyone looks so lovely in the office today! i noticed a theme of pretty vintage and flowy dresses over leggings with socks and sandals or ankle boots.










i also really loved this tshirt with the pink bra peeking out!


and this jewelry…


and toby’s new spring tie :)


  1. Everyone there looks amazing. I’m the only girl in my office. Nobody here appreciates the fantastic clothes, but I wear my Free People when nobody’s paying attention! Love ya! AUSTIN, TEXAS WORLD

  2. Magical!! I LOVE the short boots..a must with leggings or tights and
    that nice airy all of the layering and mixing it up!! ~

  3. Toby! I adore him!!!!! And I do notice a theme in your office! Thanks for this post, it’s interesting to see what people wear to fashion “offices”. Not trying too hard seems to be key :)

    love, live & wear

    xo, L

  4. Where are the boots from in the sixth picture down from the top – the brown ones with laces, a buckle and able to be left open at the top? They’re FAB !!! Thanks

  5. I am also wondering where the heck I can find those fab. boots (6th pic). They are so rad and I want them! Please if anyone can tell me, I’d be so thankful!

  6. I LOVE all of these outfits! I want that Allman brothers Tshirt!! But where did she get those boots?? I want that whole outfit!! <3

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