snow day valentines

i hear chicago had quite the snowstorm yesterday…one of our fp girls sent along these great photos and said she and her roommate, who also works for fp, were snowed in with drifts up past the windowsills and no shovel – the fp store was even closed!

she wrote that they have a rule with every catalog: save one to cut up, and one to keep (i do the same thing girls!). so, being stuck at home, she decided to use old catalogs to make valentines! love this idea, might have to steal it…





thanks for sharing lauren!

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love this! i’ll definitely be making similar ones for my valentines. very pretty <3

Dori Hoffman

I live in Chicago and right now the snow has slowed down a lot, it’s very sweet. Im lying in my bed reading some blogs and watching the snow. It piles in beautiful drifts in the front and backyard…

super cute idea.
and yes, chicago was covered in a big ol blanket of snow this morning.

Lovely idea!


i do the exact same thing! although if im in the store i grab like 3 plus then the one i get in the mail to save :)


really good idea! and when does the february catalog come out? =)

We are just outside Chicago, pretty well stuck in all day. Our store in Berwyn, Il Urban Ensembles just outside Chicago stayed closed. I really enjoyed the pictures above. There are some super creative people on this site.


OMG. Love that idea. I am going to try it as soon as I get my first FP catalog.

I love the way these photographs are done! they are so vintage :)

omg possibly the cutest idea ever, in LOVE. i just don’t want to cut up my issue…should of been as smart as everyone else and hoarded fp catalogs :)


I love this idea! I order magazines, but the favorite thing I receive in the mail every month in my Free People Catalog. Although I am signed up to receive the catalog, I didn’t get the January one, and I would love love LOVE to get it somehow. Is that possible?

o these are so cute! i need to get myself 2 catalogs stat. x


i love it! i will most definately be making my own valentines day cards because of the wonderful inspiration. keep it up fp girls!

wendy kapner

i did not get january catalogue either can i get one?

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