what are you in love with?

valentine’s day isn’t just about your significant other…it’s a celebration of all the things we love in life- even the simplest things.  here are some of the things we’re in love with right now!

“i’m in love with my new ring!” – graphic designer

“i’m in love with lipstick! especially my new orange one…and i cant wait till spring to wear the pink one.” – office coordinator


“i love japanese masking tape….it comes in such pretty colors and patterns.” – graphic designer


“girl scout cookies!!!!!” – everyone


“i’m in love with these flowers my friend sent me.” – director of design and image


“i love my cat!” – designer


“i love america…i just moved here from london!” – designer


“i love these sweet cards a co-worker sent me…the bunny on the left below is wearing a little piece of one of my knits!” – designer



“i love shrunken denim jackets like this one on our creative director! i’m going to buy this one.” – creative design assistant


“i love really old vintage valentines! the free library (in philly) has some that you can look at but they’re so old you’re not allowed to touch them.” – creative director


“my dog monster is my valentine :)” – designer


tell me, what are you in love with right now?


  1. i’m in love with the weather we’re having on the east coast, the warmer temperatures and the sunshine have been so amazing! i’m also in love with my vinyl record collection that seems to be growing with more and more wonderful music by the day.

  2. Mary, I totally agree! It’s supposed to be 65 on friday where i am! i could actually go outside without a winter coat! fantastic!

  3. I would love to hear the background story on the designer’s move here, and her love for America if possible…

  4. I am in love what everyone is wearing here! I am also in love with the taupe shorts that I got from you guys and I’m wearing them on my blog!

  5. right now there is much love for…hummus…all things tea…herbal tea…blooming tea…handmade mugs to drink the tea…books…mountains…and always for my hubbaroon…sweet nugget of a dog Marlin…and Oregon.

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