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do the fp girls in the store help with making and putting up the displays? i want to get some experience with visual displays, and am curious if the employees get some


looks totally awesome!!! i really wish there was a fp in roseville, ca.


So pretty!! I love all the beautiful details!

Looks gorgeous!!! So excited that there is one in San Jose now. Must go look.

SO pretty! I can’t wait to visit this store!
Amber’s Notebook

Wow, can I move into a FP store please? xo



i love the arts and crafts projects all over your stores… so inspiring.


Ah! our in store visuals manager helped open FP San Jose — she said it was amazing. cant wait to go up north and check it out!


You definitely need a FP store in Utah!


The wood floor is almost as amazing…is it wide plank white oak?


can’t wait to check it out! :)


I still wonder how Miami has gone so long without a free people store. We have 3 Anthropologie and urban outfitters stores. Plus, it’s a major city! Any chance a free people store is coming soon? Fingers crossed :)

Wishing you would open one of your fabulous stores in Rio de Janeiro… the lifestyle over here is SO Free People! I miss shopping at FP and even if I were to order online the products that arrive in Brazil get stuck in customs and they add a lot of taxes! Too bad, I am in love with all the new pieces!


Thanks for opening one in SJ!!!! =] I <3 FP! I was sad that I couldn't attend the grand opening last week, but I had a chance to check it out this evening. Everything was perfect like always when I step into the boutique. It's like walking into a craft/art festival. I love the brick flooring right in front of the store. =)


Your store is just amazing. I was wondering where you got those coffee tables. They are amazing. I could just live in the store it’s so nice and the crew is super sweet. Will for sure spend a lot of time there.