from jemma: dear diary, this is camden town

Today I headed to Camden to soak up a little bit of Indie rock/ punk culture. It fascinates me every time. I turned up the Foals as I walked up Camden road and soaked in the sub culture that has evolved there. There is a huge punk culture mixed in with a little mod. Expect to see girls and guys wearing Dr martins everywhere or girls adopting that Dita Von Teese look.

It will sure enliven you.

I headed to my favorite cafe the spiral lounge. An all raw and organic cafe which has a beautiful view over the canal – bought my favorite smoothie of almonds, spinach, avocado, wheatgrass, spirulina, chia and xylitol then headed into the hustle and bustle of the Camden stables.

I love vintage shopping in Camden, I always find great things in Episode. There was so many fashion trends that evolved in London which makes for extremely great vintage shopping. The mods, the rockers and the punks! Now all these fashion movements from bygone eras have cumulated into an assortment of eclectic fashions.

The fashion here is influenced by grungy music and indie rock. Long known for its music heritage, certain pubs are favorite meeting spots for local musicians such as Amy Winehouse. There are many live music venues from various pubs to the famous Jazz Cafe, KoKo & The Roundhouse theatre. Boys walk around in the tightest of skinny jeans while girls look they have been rocking out hard to bands all night.



At mid afternoon I headed to The Hawley Arms, where you can experience great British pub food and the indie culture all-in-one. Amy Winehouse is a local while Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry and the like pop their heads in now and again.



Today was inspiring for sure, the weather is mild and my mind is ticking over time. After some lentil soup, rose wine and my friend flooding the bathroom – I’m ready for some sleep!


  1. Wow, how jealous am I right about now…but in a good way! :)
    I’ve never been to London, and it is in my bucket list, right up there with sky diving.
    I would love to have that smoothie you speak of! and get some fish and chips at the pub. Then go walking around looking for vintage shops.
    Thanks for posting your journey on here. It transports me there while I am sitting here at work.
    Keep ’em coming!
    Cheers :)

  2. I live in Seattle but I’m originally from London. It makes me so homesick seeing those photos. Camden Town is a must for anyone looking for vintage/retro fashion. There are some great finds there and it’s also perfect for people watching! Jemma’s guide is spot on when it comes to describing what London is like. xxxx

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