lemon pasta

i have a confession… i am a terrible, awful cook.  i burn everything.  but one thing i can do is pasta, and one of my favorite spring/summer dishes is lemon pasta. i know it sounds really simple – and it is – but i’d never had it until a guy made it for me and to this day i still can’t make it as well as he did, but i’m sure you guys can.

all i really do is make pasta as i would normally (my favorite kind is angel hair pasta), and for sauce i mix together some butter, olive oil and lemon juice  in a pan and drizzle on top, add some pepper and that’s it. but i was looking around online, and i think this would be amazing with some snow peas or edamame mixed in, and apparently some chopped parsley makes a great garnish :)

i found a few yummy recipes around the web if you want to try them, here, here and here.

image source.

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10 years ago

Lemon pasta is so good especially in the summer, and it’s great cold. I use to make it with scallops, green onions, and rice pasta. I’ve also made it with raw cherry tomatoes, leeks, and smoked salmon yum!

10 years ago

Honestly-this looks amazing! Think I’ll be testing it out in the next few days. Perfect for this wonderful weather we’re having in Philly!

10 years ago

love all the recipes and DIYS! Especially pasta so easy!

10 years ago

this sounds awesome! I would put some feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and scallions in it… this could be dinner sometime this week! :D

10 years ago

I cant wait to try this, looks so yummy
Rosa T.

10 years ago

Your lemon pasta looks delicious! I love that you served it with broadbeans.

Thanks for the link to my blog too. I’m glad you enjoyed it :D

10 years ago

I’m with you, I aspire to be be a cook, but I can do pasta. Your recipe sounds delish and so refreshing, and I definitely want to try it! xo


10 years ago

it’s look so delicious

10 years ago

OMGish!! Looks sooooo good! YUM! Edamame is a great idea for added protein source! ;-)

Heidi Ho
10 years ago

this one is my standby. and so easy to switch up!