1. pleeaaaaseeeee tell me how they made the models hair all big and crazy like that. was it crimped curled or whaat!? i always try to make my hair look like that but i fall short. i looove big hair!!!!! xoxo

  2. i want to congratulate you guys for the blog and the awesome pictures you post, they all have a kind of “feeling good” sensation. i dont know if i make myself clear… hahaha. xxx

  3. These models look unhealthy. I have always loved Freepeople for having girls that wore clothes not swam in them. As a consumer, these models represent who you are as a company, and how you wish to artistically show us that what you do, make, and create is not just art… it is real and we should be a part of it. Please do not lose what has captured many hearts and inspired many. Please consider.

  4. even horse gets california style treatment aline so cute even more cuter in free people cloths all thou she is not my favirite model

  5. Yes, the models are both wonderful! Just look at the actual catalog. In the shots here in “Behind the Scene”, I really think it was just the shadowing that made the models look smaller, please note how great the models look in the actual catalog. We are all so lucky to have such a resourceful and creative blog every day and we are lucky to get the chance to see “Behind the Scenes” and in the workspace, in the office. There is so much to inspire us all.

  6. alina baikova i have seen other photos of her she is way too skinney any way she is very beautiful woman aline weber is fine she is very healthy perfect for free people any way i love this horse

  7. some folks are naturally skinny- my cousin is a model, and she eats pizza all the time & doesn’t think twice about it… super good metabolism! I’m thin because I have food allergies- I have to be careful, and can’t eat most foods processed in factories. Chill out, just because someone is thin does not mean they are unhealthy, people come in all shapes & sizes, and what is beautiful to one person won’t be for everyone.

  8. my cousin was even teased when we were kids for being gangly and awkward- funny how things like that turn out….

  9. I’m obsessed over this shoot!! This is my beautiful island Puerto Rico!! So happy and excited about this. The pictures are so beautiful

  10. why are people always freaking out on free people for the pictures they post? why cant people just appreciate beauty without critisizing it or condeming it? rock on free people

  11. anyway these photos are truly amazing. i love how they look like old, aged photographs. really keeps with the vibe i get from your clothing and other posts. i love what you guys do, so inspiring.

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