march catalog sneak peek!

it’s finally here… i have been dreaming of our march catalog for months now, ever since i first saw these images.  some of these are alternate versions of the catalog shots, and some aren’t in the book, so you wont see them anywhere else!

our march book was shot in old san juan, a small, narrow island that is the oldest settlement in puerto rico. we again worked with the amazing photographer guy aroch, who captures models aline weber and alina baikova in a haze of sun, sea-salt and sand that will leave you craving a beach getaway.










all images by guy aroch. the catalog drops on tuesday!

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9 years ago

oh my gosh!!i love it!!!!!the bags and dresses are amaziiiinng…yaaay!cannot wait til tuesday!

Your models are so lucky… they get to go to the best places with such nice clothes and surroundings!

9 years ago

I want everything!

9 years ago

These girls are beautiful but rather skinny no?

9 years ago

I love the photography and cannot wait for the catalog! I was just in old San Juan last week, so much character!

9 years ago

I agree, shockingly thin. One thing I enjoy about viewing FP office pics is the variety of size of women, & how beautiful they all are! Too bad we don’t see that as much in the catalog models, & the few times in the past were really great. Love FP, but at 37, mother of 2, do not possess the body I had when younger.

9 years ago

wow- i really wish you did show some girls with at least a little meat on their bones! especially when shopping for summer clothes – its helpful to see how the clothes fall on a woman with curves!

9 years ago

Love it all Kudos to Guy!! Time to start my sit ups…love the
sun and the photos are so warm and beautiful..fantastic frocks as always ~

9 years ago

so beautiful! how does each catalog top the previous one? it’s incredible.

9 years ago

Beautiful clothing and gorgeous shots. The models are disturbingly thin though! It really adds an element of the macabre to these images and detracts from the beauty of the clothing.

9 years ago

First, They are models…and are suppose to be skinny.
Second, You don’t have to be a model to wear the clothes well…ie. Fp office pics.

Third, Love you guys! love Guy A.! and love the catalog!

9 years ago

I agree that the models are frighteningly thin.. but the photos, from a composition, and photographic standpoint — ARE AMAAAZINGG! wow.

9 years ago

“frighteningly thin?” I never notice…we are all built differently. I think naturally we all look slimmer in draped clothing anyways. I like the outfit in the 4th picture

9 years ago

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 years ago

@c: Models aren’t “supposed” to be skinny… they can be whatever shape or size. It’s the designer or company who choose to put their clothes on girls who are thinner than normal.

BUT the clothes are super dreamy, just wish that the models were more realistic in proportion.

9 years ago

I don’t think the models are unusually thin–they look like models you would see in any catalog or runway. I do think using models with different body types is great though–as a very petite woman I’ve always loved being able to find clothes that fit well at Free People. Consider doing a catalog with petite models!

9 years ago

are they going to have longer version arms and sleeper simone please girls are beautiful but no chrishell stubbs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

9 years ago

they are thin…i have to agree. thats what our culture sees as beautiful. but hey, its ok to be thin, and its ok to be more curvy. my only thing would be to try and incorporate a little bit of both.

Jessica waters
9 years ago

I can’t wait to see the catalogue!

I so wish the 2009 embroidered feed bag beach tote would come back in be in it though. Can you bring back that particular item??

9 years ago

I love the bag in the last photo. It is amazing!

9 years ago

my gripe is why are catalogs this time of year ALWAYS resort-oriented?!? it’s freezing and there are snowbanks outside where i live and due to the hope-less economy i’m not going to a resort anytime soon. it just gets on my nerves and makes me want to avoid this type of marketing.

9 years ago

wow!! I totally drooling over these images right now.. love love love!!!

9 years ago

i was so struck by the beauty of the images and clothes, i didn’t have time to notice how skinny the models are.. eek. hate to take sides here, but they are frighteningly thin. yikes

9 years ago

love the photography, the location, the clothes, and the whole feel of this catalog…march is my bithday month, so i may be treating myself to some of these items!! i also love the picture of the model jumping into the pool…it looks so fun and makes the whole thing feel more real rather than some fantasy island getaway that most of us only dream of having…
while i do agree that models are typically categorized as being thinner than average, are these girls healthy? that is the most important thing…

9 years ago

i saw some of alina baikova runway photo she even look skinner and unhealthty second look at the photo i agree but some people healthy weight is like that