martha on duty

martha hunt is one of our favorite models to work with – in our web studio and on catalog shoots, she consistently brings an amazing attitude and free spirited beauty. this past friday, our web studio did a special shoot with martha and had her style all her own outfits, as well as give makeup and hair direction. i got to watch and take some photos, and i must say… i have a little bit of a girl crush on martha!

she is so fun and full of personality, and the second she sets foot on set she is all business and works the camera like no other.  here’s a little behind the scenes look at martha ON duty, along with the final shots our photographer took of the five looks she styled.

in this look: runaway lace kaftan, IRO vova chain short, jade covered wedge.



in this look: lace cropped kaftan, suede circle skirt, crosby platform.







in this look: suede circle skirt, blank boy blue denim shirt, crochet bralette, napoli corset sandal.




in this look: rib & lace maxi slip, doma studded leather jacket, ophelia platform boot.




in this look: borderline fringe sweater, macedon wedge, pants coming soon.

so i’m curious, which outfit styled by martha is your favorite?

and stay tuned because later this week we’ll show you what makeup products were used to get her look ;)


  1. Gypsy Rock #4. White maxi/pheasant feather earring/vintage leather/socks & JC shoes. Effortlessly chic with her smokey eyes & nude lip. honestly though,Martha stoked herself out in all the looks! Great inspiration ladies :) xx

  2. I love each pair of shoes she picked for each outfit. They are surprisingly the most important part! I know my outfits are always lacking there. I also really love those mustard colored pants in the last outfit. Are they on the website?

  3. i really like the shoes in the last outfit…but they don’t look at all like the congo perforated wedge. :(

  4. did martha have scoliosis surgery? i think i noticed a scar in one of the swimsuit pics. i have it too so if my eyes didn’t decieve me i think it’s really cool it didn’t get photoshopped out. <3

  5. ramona,
    where are the pics you think you saw a scar from surgery on her spine? i’ve had the surgery as well and would love to take a peek. i don’t see anything in this particular post though.

  6. sammy look at the swim section on the website. since they show the swimsuit from the back you will be able to see it. i had to increased the zoom on my screen to really see it… and i wasn’t crazy there really was a scar there! its not as big as mine though. i’m one of the unlucky ones that has it pretty much all the way up and down.

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