north star bar

last week my friend geron played a short set at the north star bar- it’s been a while since i’ve been to a show there, actually. i think it’s because of the location- it’s a little out of the way, over in the art museum area -but it’s such a great venue to see bands in before they get big.

upon entering the corner pub you’re met with the same bar that has been there since prohibition, mahogany bar top, wooden ceiling fans, tin roof and all.  walk towards the back and go through a door on your right to get to the stage area, a wide open room with wood floors.  the stage is covered with well worn oriental carpets and in front, a staircase leads down to a lounge area with bright green walls that could probably tell some great stories… i thought i’d share a few pics from the other night!










image 1; image 2; all others by me.

geron’s first single will be available very soon on itunes!


  1. the north star bar is such a fun place!!! i was at the show the other night and geron was amazing – be sure to look out for him very soon!!

  2. I love that venue!! I saw Tegan and Sara play there yearrrrssss ago, it’s definitely an intimate bar, my friends I were able to chat with the bands

  3. Such a great post! I love finding out about cool places to go out- will definitely check it out:)

  4. The first single from Geron’s new album is now available on iTunes. Search “Geron Hoy” or “Lady Crow.” Enjoy!

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