so sweet

i went over and checked my mail today and was surprised to find a package waiting, from an unknown address and marked “do not bend.” i carefully opened it and out slid two pieces of cardboard taped together, inside of which were two pieces of art and a card.

“dear julia…here is a little fan art i created for free people. i am an artist and budding textile designer from queens, new york.  i have been wearing free people for years now and i am a faithful follower of the building 25 blog. i love the free people aesthetic. it’s refreshing how interactive the company is with their customer base.  free people is more like a community than just a brand. thank you for all the cool clothes and inspiration. love, melissa.”


this means so much, melissa! thank you!


as if that wasn’t enough, i was also sent this amazing bouquet of flowers from sullivan owen.



made my day :)


  1. Wow! what a great day:) I agree with Em and Taylor about using the pattern on FP shopping bags. Are those violet roses in the bouquet? those are my favorite.

  2. I love it. That was not only sweet and thoughtful of her but I really like the art she sent you! If she has a website I’d love to see it mentioned on the blog. I’d be interested in buying prints of her work, such as the stuff she sent you!

  3. oh my goodness! i love these textile designs – they are absolutely beautiful! were they watercolor based? so pretty! and the flowers are stunning!!!

  4. Thank you so much Julia for posting my artwork. I’m so excited to be on the blog! And thank you to everyone for the amazing feedback!

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