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12 years ago

looks très amusant! what store is that (3rd image down)?


12 years ago

that is toooo cool!!!! i would freak!!!

12 years ago

Hey! i love these pics! what did they use to get their photos to look vintagey in the last four pics? love the way it looks!

12 years ago

Gare du Nord–eek! I ended up there but nothing bad happened despite all the dire warnings in travel books. These girls are stylin! I love those big glasses. It is so daunting to go to Paris but these girls did well. One thing I brought worked so I wore it over and over. haha

Alexa Agugliaro
12 years ago

Awesome pictures! I haven’t been to Paris in a few years but just looking at these photos makes me wish I was there right now. I see that the Louvre is in the background of one picture – seeing the Mona Lisa was an experience of a lifetime! The shopping in Paris is also unreal. I hope to get myself out there soon.