spring display giveaway!

*UPDATE 3/14 – congrats to our winner, fariza from california!*

i love everything about our spring store displays, but my favorite part are the amazing fabric covered suitcases.  so i was very excited that our display team brought this beauty over to me for us to give away on the blog! can you imagine waiting for your luggage at baggage claim and seeing one of these come around on the conveyor belt?! talk about one of a kind!

underneath the fabric is a durable plastic suitcase, so these can be used although i’d recommend being gentle with it, due to the delicate nature of the hand-sewn fabric and embellishments.

to enter the giveaway, click here and fill out the simple form.  we will leave it open for a week and i’ll pick a winner at random on monday. good luck!


  1. oooooh I hope I win :) This is amazing, I’d love it! I’m guessing just one entry per person…or one entry per person per day? lol. Thanks!

  2. i’m completely enamored with this suitcase. i saw your display at the prudential center in boston and have been pining for one. i leave this sunday to volunteer abroad in Tanzania for three months and would love to add this to my collection of unique luggage!

  3. This suitcase is gorgeous! I love when typically simple creations have such a bold spin on them! I take it this is handmade, right?

  4. This beautiful suitcase is one of a kind. I would simply die to finally win something, the excitement of that alone would be great. However to be the owner of this adorable item would be certainly very thrilling! :)
    Fingers & toes crossed!

  5. Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing suitcase. Getting ready to travel soon & would be so grateful to be seen & tell everyone it’s free people…the best!!

  6. It seems that this suite case took a lot of time, energy and love to make. I would love to travel with this gorgeous piece of baggage. It is to die for! Have a wonderful day :)

  7. Aboslutely LOVE this!!! Would be honored to be going through an airport with this and telling everyone just where I got it!!! How awesome!! Keep up the amazing work!!! Love your pieces!!!

  8. this suitcase completely blows me away! i am going to nepal in december on a pilgrimage and i would so love to see the reaction to this work of art!

  9. OMG WAY TO CHIC! Obsessed with the colors, swatches, and style! Perfect suitcase to travel the east coast with now that I am at school at FIT! SO TRENDY!!!

  10. LOVE!!! this suitcase is soooo cute, i want to make it!
    it would be perfect for my spring break trip :)

  11. Love Free People…awesome suit case to hold all my fabulous fp clothing!!! Want this piece so much!!

  12. This was soo cute when I saw this as a display in a Free People store!! I definitely want this!!! :)

  13. I’m not into purses, but I tend to carry a lot of stuff around and this is absolutely perfect! I’d so love to have this…and quite a few other items in the look book too!

  14. This would be amazing to keep all my hand-spinning, hand dyed fibers in. Beatiful!!!!

  15. free people is an inspiration every day for me. thank you for keeping it beautiful always! XO

  16. LOVE this. And so easy to be able to find my luggage through a sea of black suitcases!!!! AHHH I need to win. It will be awesome for my honeymoon :) :)

  17. i have been looking for the perfect thing to give my friend for her birthday. Shes been through a lot of crap lately and has been really sad. She happened to love free people. So I look on this website everyday. It would mean a lot to her to get this. Hope I win!

  18. This is an awesome suitcase i definatly would love to pack all my things in there and just travel… definatly would get some people asking me where i got it from :)

  19. Stunning! Such a beautiful design and creativity. The pastel fabric choices make the suitcase so delicate and feminine! FP <3

  20. Oh my goodness this is BEAUTIFUL! Every Free People girl needs a suitcase like this to hold all of their gorgeous Free People. Going to Belize in a few weeks! Winning that would be too good to be true! Impressive work and so inspiring.

  21. free people’s design team never fails to inspire. Perfect suitcase for all of my adventures!

  22. Ahh toatally my favorite and only brand i’ll wear. :) It really is the best and most unique brand i’ve seen.

  23. OMG! This is just my style! I hope I win but if I dont I will just have to do a little artwork. This one looks a bunch better then what mine would be :(
    I have never won a contest before but I definately have my fingers crossed for this :)

  24. this is soo beautiful:) this would be awesome to have to since its so hard to find your my own luggage hidden in all the other luggage

  25. I absolutely love this! The layered patterns are just like the collections this spring. Perfect luggage carry-on for a train ride I take in the Summer to Montana…

  26. I love this its brilliant. i just ordered a Boho top its gorgeous detailed with handsewed beading i am so pleased!!!!

  27. SO amazing! I was in the South Coast Free People store and I just LOVE all the suitcases! My boyfriend always tells me he wishes Free People was for guys lol.

  28. Talk about being in love! Sometimes it’s the most simple of things that work, and this piece of luggage is it. Lovely, simply lovely.

  29. My closet’s filled with FP ouldn’t it be lovely to have this magnificent suitcase to put them in?

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