Spring face

A Spring face is on my mind – after the dull winter I’m itching to enliven myself and snap out of this greyness.
Golden highlights, spring like skin with a soft glow and subtle make up. Below are the looks that inspire my beauty, thought and the products that I want to buy.


  1. Hey… I work for a Makeup line.. a big one actually, and we LOVE Free People. I’d love to pass some fun makeup to your offices.. how do I go about that?

  2. You should do a must haves blog! Like what are this season’s essentials and show how you can use them in different outfits. Something of the sort

  3. BB spray is good, but recently I’ve switched to Davines’ No. 14 spray from their wizards line. It smells like cake batter and doesn’t weigh my hair down if I use a lot of it.

  4. Maca is amazing, it really balance your mood swings and when you feel stressed out it really helps you calm down and focus. And the best of all, it’s all natural ! I’m not doing an infomercial here, just want to say it’s something amazing that we don’t really know about !
    thx for posting this

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