sweet lou

there’s a new girl in the office, and i am in love.  meet louisiana, lou for short, the newest member of the fp pup family! she belongs to our retail operations coordinator and is a cairn terrier and australian shepherd mix.  her markings and colors are so unique she almost looks wild! but she is the softest and sweetest thing ever…she was so sleepy when i took these pictures.

why are you waking me?




and here she is hard at work on mom’s desk today…


she kills me.


  1. Lou looks exactly llke a blue australian shepherd..(have an aussie girl myself!) Right down to her coloring, ears, and no tail! :-)

  2. She looks like a catahoula (louisana’s state dog)! My puppy is a catahoula mix, they’re awesome dogs.

  3. I saw this puppy yesterday on campus and have been telling ALL my friends about her! She was SO cute and SO soft!! :)

  4. WOW, she is stunningly GORGEOUS! Ideal pup, I love her, she looks like such a sweeeeeetie pie!!! :) I have an Aussie boy named Auguste, Gus/Guster for short. He is a sheer DOLL. So loving, happy and affectionate. Aussies are such perfect breeds, I will always have one (at least), and a border collie.

  5. Will FP ever make an album or collage of all the adorable FP puppies? They’re so precious!

  6. Oh my!! We are searching for a pup and she is absolutely beautiful. Are there anymore available? Congrats on the new addition!!

  7. I want to know why did she call him like that!! i’m pretty intrigued I have a fascination for New orleans so I want to know he story

  8. i am from Louisiana so I’m partial to the name ;)
    she’s totally adorable. looks full of snuggles!

  9. how cute is she!?! i love the photos you took, especially the one where you can see a little of her spotted belly. puppy bellies are the best, especially the girls, they are like soft little buddha bellies waiting to be rubbed! I love dogs, and puppies are the best!

    I just put my dog down, saddest day of my life, and now I want a puppy so so so bad. This is by far the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. Her fur is incredible! So freakin' cute, I just wanna hug her!

  11. So Cute its funny you gave her the name Louisiana cause she looks like a Catahoula, which is what my dog is( and its also known as the Louisiana leopard dog ) , Most people assume mines an or a Dalmatian lab mix. How cute I can’t wait to get another one and if aussieI do it’s going to be a Catahoula with markings similar to your puppy how funny !

  12. Hi, Lou! I stumbled across your post while browsing my dog’s alleged mix, who happens to be Lou’s littermate from the Simpson’s litter. :) Hope all is well!!!!!

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