thursday poll – edition 126

our march catalog has some amazing items that can be worn as beach cover ups…  i love how light and airy these pieces are, i would live in them all summer long. which one do you guys like best?

the hooded maxi dress:

the open stitch beach tunic:

the runaway lace kaftan:

the starlight lovers dress:

or the fp-1 wavebreak smocked tunic:


  1. the model in the 3rd and 5th images looks emaciated. is this really the image you want to be promoting?!

  2. I agree, I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings but the model in picture #5 looks scary. I would rather buy clothing from a company that appreciates/encourages women to look healthy.

  3. gah! all these photos are fabulous! really, everything you post is making me long for summer all that much more. college terms could not end sooner!

    really, gorgeous photos. i’m going to have to work for free people one of these days… it’s a must.


  4. i love the free people swim wear. its all so carefree & bohemian which is the vibe i want from my summer clothes. keep up the beautiful work free people:)

  5. I really love the makeshift belt Aline Weber is wearing with the Hooded Maxi dress! I wish I could see a better picture of it…or that it was a FP item I could buy :) Inspires me to be creative either way, which is one of the many things I love about Free People!

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